Mac Holt and Jess Goetz

How did you meet?

Jessica and I had never met before. We ran in the same circles but we somehow never crossed paths. There was a couple who knew each of us very well, and the husband told me I needed to ask this girl Jess out, if only because we would be great friends. I put him off for a while, until I finally relented and decided to go for it. There was a twenty-something’s event with our church one night, and I knew she was going to be there, so I went with the intention of asking her out. I saw her there, talking with her friends after the event, and went up to introduce myself and ask her on a date. My plan was thwarted by the constant flow of people who kept interrupting our first interaction. Our first time meeting was so bombarded by a steady flow of other people that I never got the chance to tell her why I had actually come up to talk to her. She left, and I thought I had blown my one chance. The couple asked me if I had asked her out, and I had to tell them about my failure. They wouldn’t let me off the hook. Fortunately, my little sister had her number, so I called her up and very awkwardly asked her to coffee. I picked her up in my roommate’s old, falling apart, manual, Toyota 4Runner, that I stalled multiple times on the way to the coffee joint. We got to the place, and, to my horror, I found my back pocket empty of my wallet, so she had to pay for the coffee on the first date. By the grace of God, any attempts of me putting up a front of coolness, or having it together, or being anything other than the broken man that I am, was totally stripped from me by this point. This left us with an incredibly honest night filled with laughs and a common bond forming over all the things we found we shared a love and a longing for.

How did you propose?

After a few months of dating, I left for a few months to live and work in Montana. Before leaving, Jess and I spent several hours talking, laughing, drinking beer, and eating popcorn on a porch swing of a house that was for sale in Lexington. In Montana, I dreamed of the day when I would get down on one knee while Jess was sitting on that same old porch swing and ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. To my dismay, I found the house sold when I returned after my time in Montana. This shot my porch swing idea to crap. I knew I was going to propose, but did not know how.

Not only did I not have an idea of how to propose now, but I had no ring. I had heard of The Faithfull Platform, and decided to give it a shot. I gave them a call and told them my plans, but also of my total ignorance of engagement rings, the 3 or 4 C’s to the perfect ring, and had to honestly tell him, every ring looked nearly the same to me. They walked me through the entire process and was able to find a ring that even I found stunning.

Now I had the ring, but no idea how to propose. After toying with the idea of showing up at her house one night unannounced and popping the question, I decided to go with something a bit more meaningful. I still was thinking about that old porch swing when I was hit with the idea of building my own swing and having it hung at the place Jess and I use to take walks together. So I spent some long hours trying to build a swing that didn’t look like a high school freshman’s shop class final. With the swing finished, I couldn’t wait any longer. I drove out and talked to her parents on a Tuesday, took her to dinner and then out to the swing on a Friday and proceeded to bend my knee into the dirt and ask those four words. She said yes. We celebrated with our family and friends on a night I will never forget.

The Faithful Platform

The Faithful Platform was the indispensible avenue for me to find the ring that embodied and symbolized the question and commitment I was asking from Jessica. I had absolutely no clue what I was getting into with ring shopping, but they came along beside me and steered me through that incredibly complex, and expensive field. They were able to procure a ring that was so much more than I could have hoped to give the woman I love. The personal care they showed Jess and I, and the commitment they made to find us the best possible ring was honestly incredible, and was such a contrast to the frustrating hours I spent dealing with local jewelry stores.

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