Logan Hershenow and Kara Pochon

How did you meet?

Kara and I met at Jefferson College, a community college located in a small town called Hillsboro, MO. Kara played softball and I played baseball there. The teams were always running around together. Over time Kara and I got to know each other as friends. A funny beginning in Kara and I’s friendship was that she had a crush on my roommate, which I actually encouraged. Over Christmas break, I came to the realization that I encouraged Kara’s pursuit of my roommate because I enjoyed having her around and spending time with her myself. Kara’s personality is an infectious one in the sense that she makes it impossible to be sad. I realized that I wanted to be more than friends and invited her to go play disc golf with me but she was not aware of my intentions and brought a friend….. Kara continued to be oblivious to my intentions and so on my next attempt I decided to ask her out on a date, making it clear that I wanted it to be ME & HER. The first date was a whirlwind because I took her to three restaurants, which had more than an hour wait; therefore we ended up at Nacho Mama’s, a hole in the wall Mexican place. It was a great time and we found that we both were interested in each other. Three years later we are on our way to marriage and the rest is history.

How did you propose?

After several years of dating Kara, I finally decided to work up the courage to ask this woman to marry me. I had known that I wanted to marry Kara for a long time and since I graduated and she is in her last year of school the timing was finally perfect. After talking it over with family and friends I finally came up with the perfect plan. The plan was originally to propose to Kara at the top of look out mountain in Chattanooga, TN. After thinking it over some more and getting the inside scoop from Kara’s friends I realized she was expecting it, so I changed plans. I knew I wanted to have both of our close friends there for the big moment. I coordinated with Kara’s bosses and coworkers to have her working the night of the Christmas concert at work. Once that was set the next step was to get all of our friends there and with the Christmas concert Kara would be oblivious. Then I had my roommate, Brad, plant the ring box behind a “pay it forward” board so that when I got there I could easily access it. After ordering my drink from Kara I pretended that I left my wallet and needed a “pay it forward” that would work for me. I asked Kara to come around the bar to help find a “pay it forward” I could use. When she came around the bar we both squatted down to search the board. I then pretended to have found one and told her she could stand up as I transitioned to a knee. I took the box out from behind the board and explained that what I found was actually for her. I then proceeded to black out and ask her to marry me, which she said YES. She was completely shocked and the moment could not have been more perfect.

The Faithful Platform

I am extremely thankful for The Faithful Platform and all the help they provided. Going in to the ring searching process I really didn’t have a clue. Kara was unsure what she really wanted and I was unsure on everything else that could possibly go in to buying a ring. The Faithful Platform was awesome because they make it more about you and the experience and making sure you get exactly what you want rather then just trying to sell you the greatest diamond. After spending time in various commercial jewelry stores and finding a design I really liked, I was able to then go to The Faithful Platform and give them an idea of what I was going for. Faithful Platform went way beyond expectations showing me so many different rings and diamond possibilities all a little different from each other. Faithful Platform was able to give me tons of options and styles of the main design I was looking for! They were able to then line up the numbers on all the diamonds, rings, and prices and let me pick the one I wanted with no pressure at all from the staff at The Faithful Platform. In return, I was able to get the perfect ring for Kara at the price I could afford. I would recommend The Faithful Platform to anyone in search of a ring. They are able to take the stress out of engagement ring shopping because of how personal they are as well as quick and easy they make the entire process.


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