Colin Perrier & Coco Delph

How did you meet?

Coco and I both led as Young Life volunteer leaders at Florida State University for years. During my Jr year and her Sr year we had a Spanish class together and began hanging out more outside of Young Life. I asked her out on a date one night after we had been studying for a Spanish test.

How did you propose?

I told her we were going to eat dinner at a family friend's house during Christmas break. We were on our way and the family friend (who was in on it the whole time) called me and told us they were running late and asked us if we could kill time before we arrived at their house. I then took her to a park with a lake and we took a walk along the lake. After a walk along the shore onto an opening I stopped and got down on one knee. My friend was secretly following us the whole time and took pictures along the way!

The Faithful Platform

I had no idea where to begin looking for an engagement ring. Austin did a great job of not only helping me find a perfect ring but also taught me a ton about rings along the way. He is very knowledgeable of the business and knows exactly what to look for and where to look. The Faithful Platform is absolutely worth it for someone who is lost in the idea of buying an engagement ring. I felt well taken care of and the stress of looking for a ring was all but gone! I would recommend the Faithful Platform to anyone!

#colincoco #shesaidyes

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