Gabe Draughon & Savannah Patton

How did you meet?

The way Gabe and I met was a very coincidental and at the risk of sounding cheesy, once in a lifetime meeting. My best friend was in a band with this guy and one night we were driving around having a girls’ night when she wanted to stop by his house and hang out since we were close by and he was having people over. I protested saying I just wanted to get home and watch movies but she convinced us to go. Meanwhile, at the guy, Levi’s house he was trying to convince his friends to let us come over and one (Gabe) was protesting. Right when we walked in a tall guy complimented my Harry Potter Gryffindor lanyard and introduced himself as Gabe. We hit it off that night talking about music, movies, TV shows and other common interests. Later that night he friended me on Facebook and a week later wrote a “Happy Birthday” message on my wall. This led to us chatting over Facebook messenger. He invited me to one of his friends’ concerts at a local coffee shop and we flirted all night, at the nights end he asked me out on a date and I accepted – not knowing where it would lead.

How did you propose? Our proposal was a complete surprise to me in the most perfect way! Gabe and I always exchange Christmas gifts on the 23rd separate from family and other celebrations. Gabe told me that I needed to wear something nice and be ready at 4pm because part of my gift involved going somewhere. After giving him his gifts he gave me a card with instructions for a spontaneous date, where I would find the next card where we first kissed. He made me kiss him in our first kiss spot for the second clue that took us to the place we first met, a neighborhood clubhouse. At the clubhouse he made me lightsaber fight him (because we had a duel on that first night) for the next clue, which was our first date spot then the next clue took us back to my neighborhood, in the nature trail to the exact tree and spot where we first said “I love you.” The whole time Gabe had been saying that my present was in the back of the car, and when we got to the last spot he told me to read the clue very carefully and not to turn around cause he had to set up my gift. When I got to the tree I saw another card and two single roses – this was the first time I had any inkling of a thought of a proposal. The card explained how he fell in love with my outer beauty at our first kiss spot, my inner child when we first met, my sense of adventure at our first date and the idea of the two of us at our I love you spot. As I was reading the card I was in shock and when I turned around and saw him down on one knee with the ring I freaked out! I started screaming “what NOOO! I mean not no, yes obviously but oh my gosh I can’t believe this is happening.” I was already wearing my promise ring on my left ring finger so instead of Gabe putting it on my finger, I picked it up and because my hands were shaking so bad I dropped it on the muddy ground. Gabe had to stop his romantic speech and we had to dig around and find it. After we found the ring, Gabe revealed to me that his parents and my family were waiting back at my house with drinks and we were all going to go out to dinner. It was such a surprise and the most perfect proposal and ring – I wouldn’t have wanted anything else!

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