Matthew Mueller & Tiffanie Salmon

Matthew and I met online on one of those dating websites. I have to say I was definitely skeptical and a little apprehensive to try one of those, but some friends of mine talked me into giving it a try. I didn’t really put much effort into it and never really had a desire to ever meet someone from the site; that is until Matthew contacted me. I was out shopping with my Mom and I remember reading his profile out loud. My Mom (who was a little nervous about her baby girl being on a dating website) said, “I like his profile!” To which I replied, “I do too!” So I responded to him. The next morning I had surgery on my foot and was basically stuck at home for about a month. Matthew kept me company during that time as we traded several emails back and forth. I so enjoyed getting to know him in that time and he definitely helped me through my recovery as I was not a person who was used to being stuck at home with nothing to do. Once I was able to walk without crutches we had our first date. And we have enjoyed getting to know each other and falling in love since that memorable day.

How did you propose? (Tiffanie’s perspective)

When I was 5 years old my family was following a friend participating in the hot air balloon race. I remember seeing the big balloon and being mesmerized by it. I thought that riding in it would be the coolest thing ever. So I asked if I could go for a ride. In pleading with my parents I said, "I have been waiting my WHOLE life to ride in one of them" (all five years of it). Just one of those cute silly things kids say. I wasn't allowed to go at that time. But what I said that day kind of became a running joke in my family. Every time I mentioned a hot air balloon I was reminded that yes they knew I had been waiting "my WHOLE life" to ride in one whether I was 5, 12, or 20 years old. Fast forward about 22 years and here I am getting ready to celebrate one year being with the most exciting, loving, sweetest, Godly man I have ever met.

Someone I feel blessed to get to spend time with and have in my life. And what does he do for our one year anniversary? He surprises me with tickets for a hot air balloon ride together. He makes an almost 22 year old dream of mine come true! Right before we took off Matthew pulled me aside, reminded me of how I have been waiting my whole life for this, and said he has been waiting his whole life for something too. He then pulled out the most gorgeous ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to become his wife. With both our parents there to see the whole thing he asked me to share his life forever and I, of course, said yes!! We take off, and from way up in the sky I held his hand and looked over the beautiful colors of the changing trees and looked out at Louisville as far as I could see. It was peaceful and sweet yet breathtaking as the sun set behind us. What we had been waiting for our WHOLE lives had finally come true. And I love him so much for making so many dreams come true that evening....

I love Matthew’s desire to serve God and to serve others, he is always willing to do what he can to help someone out when needed. I love his adventurous spirit. He is always up for trying something new or going somewhere new; he loves getting out and enjoying God’s creation. I love how he is a strong and firm leader with a kind and gentle quality; I respect him tremendously for how he leads by example. He takes care of me in so many different ways and I greatly appreciate him for that. He enjoys spending time with me, and I with him, whether we are relaxing on the couch, hiking a trail, vacationing somewhere, playing games, shopping, or planning a wedding we truly just enjoy doing it together and I love that.

I am very thankful for the Faithful Platform. What Tiffanie wanted in a ring was something blended both the modern and traditional styles. She wanted something flowy, symmetrical, and unique, while still remaining practical for my budget. I had spent a few weekends looking at rings and struggled to find a place that had a decent inventory in my budget range. That’s when I was turned to the Faithful Platform. They were able to show me dozens and dozens of designs that fit my criteria that I had never seen in Louisville area jewelry stores. If you know me, I like to shop around and hunt for the best deal. They were able to give me the wide variety I wanted so I could compare, while also giving me prices that beat just about anything I had seen in local jewelry stores. When working with them, I was planning on proposing in a couple of weeks. They were able to very quickly walk me through the process and get a ring and stone expedited to meet my timing for a hot air balloon ride proposal. I highly recommend working with The Faithful Platform. They were able to make engagement ring shopping a smooth quick process while still remaining personal and getting me the most for my money.

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