Tyler Wesley and Kristen Asmus

How did you meet?

We both played basketball, and were involved with campus ministry. We don’t really remember ever officially meeting, just knew of each other from seeing one another around campus. Last August, we wanted to see how each others summers went because she went to Honduras and I went to Sandusky, so we met up and talked. We kept on hanging out in groups until our first date which incidentally wasn't supposed to be a one on one date. After that first “date” we kept hanging out and I asked her to go on more dates, which led to where we are now.

How did you propose?

I proposed at Millennium Park in Danville, Ky. I had previously cancelled our date on that Thursday and said that we could just reschedule it for Sunday. So we had planned to go out for dinner to Bella Note and then come back to school and hang out for a little while. We ended up going to Bella Note and then the Cheesecake Factory afterwards for some dessert (so that she would suspect nothing other than a normal date). We drove back to Danville and instead of dropping her off, we drove past her apartment and went to Millennium park. I told her we were just going to walk around for a little while and so we walked down a path that led to this gazebo in the back of the park. It had rose petals sprinkled around it with candles that were lit, and we sat down and talked. I told her that I had a gift for her, and I gave her this scratch map (you scratch off everywhere you've been on the map). I said to her, “This is for all of the adventures that we are going to have together in the future.” Then I got down on one knee and proposed.

The Faithful Platform

I really had no experience with engagement rings and didn't know where to start, Austin helped me pick out something in my price range that she would for sure love. I knew that he wasn’t trying to sell me his product because he encouraged me to go and compare prices of rings so I could get the best deal. He really cared about what I wanted and was excited for Kristen and I!

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