Ryan Williams and Ruthie Mengistu

How Did You Meet?

Ruthie and I met a few brief times while we were in college, but we really got to know each other when we began working for the same college ministry called Campus Outreach in Memphis, TN. We both worked at Rhodes College, led worship together, and we were taking the same seminary class, so we got to spend a lot of time together (which I wasn’t mad about). As we spent time together we developed a great friendship. After some time of being friends I found myself really enjoying my time with her and really wanting to spend more time with her. I finally pulled the trigger and asked her out on a date! And she agreed!

How Did You Propose?

Two background things you need to know before I tell you the story.

1- She knew the proposal was coming. We went through pre-engagement counseling to make sure we were in a healthy spot to move towards marriage. And I went through a whole Ethiopian traditional custom with her family to ask if I could marry her!

2- I am mischievous. I thoroughly enjoy messing with her so I wanted her to be surprised when I actually asked!

So a few weeks before I planned to ask her we both received an email from our worship director asking if we could attend a meeting about helping with worship at our church for the next few months. Ruthie and I both agreed to be at the meeting. That same week I planned to propose Ruthie had friends and family from out of town visiting her so I asked if we could go on a date Friday night after our worship meeting at church. She was surely thinking that I was going to ask her on our date, but little did she know that our worship director and I conspired together to send that email about our meeting at church. As we walked into the sanctuary Ruthie expected to walk into a meeting but we walked into an empty sanctuary with only my roommate playing piano in the background. I let her put down her things and I took her up the stairs to the stage. There I shared why I love her and why I want to spend the rest of my life with her and asked her to marry me… And she said yes!

Now we are planning our wedding and will get married in that very same spot where we got engaged!

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