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Helping guys find the perfect ring and save money at the same time.

Aaron Wilson

Campbell, Kenton, and Boone County

Aaron Wilson works for Campus Outreach as the Campus Director of ministry at the Northern Kentucky University. He is married to his wife Meg and they have a one year old named Josie. Aaron has worked on the college campus for the past 5 years, and is passionate about mentoring and equipping college students to love God and walk with Him for a lifetime.


Austin Frerman

Shelby County, KY

Austin Frerman is a Commercial Services Analyst at Schneider Electric in Louisville, Kentucky. He analyzes energy usage and rates for various clients. Austin graduated from Asbury University in 2018 with a degree in Business Administration and graduated in 2019 with his MBA. In his free time, Austin enjoys playing and coaching lacrosse as well as traveling, hiking, and trying new cuisines


Jalen Rose

Cincinnati, OH

Jalen Rose is an Account Manager for American Risk Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he supports, develop, service, and improve the Collateral Protection Insurance line of business.


Jonathan Wiener

Denver, CO

Jonathan and his wife Karley work on staff with a christian organization in Colorado called Campus Outreach. Their main role is to help young men and women discover and engage the deeper questions in life pertaining to things like faith, purpose and vocation.


Kyle Best

Richmond, KY

Kyle Best is currently a Senior at Eastern Kentucky University and will be graduating in May 2020. Kyle will be graduating with a major in Business Management and a minor in Banking and Financial Services.


Taylor Shepard

Huntsville, TX

Taylor Shepard is a staff member with Campus Outreach Houston, where she works to share Christ on the college campus. Taylor has a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and graduated from Sam Houston State University.


Alex Foxx

Mobile, AL

Alex Foxx works for Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama as a campus minister to graduate health students at the University of South Alabama. He is engaged to Mary Kathryn, his high school sweetheart, with a wedding date set in early 2020. Alex graduated from Troy University in 2018 with a degree in Biomedical Science and will finish a MBA within the year. He is passionate about encouraging students to honor God and share the hope of Christ in their vocation. In his free time, you can catch him woodworking (a more fancy name for trying to build cheap furniture out of pallet wood), assembling disappointing fantasy football teams, and spending time friends! If you would like to connect with Alex, send him an email at or call/text him at (334) 590-6680.


Blake Buckman

Louisville, KY

Blake Buckman is the Campus Outreach Regional Director in Louisville Kentucky where he helps lead and develop staff and student leaders. Blake is married to his wife Liza and they have 3 children. Blake enjoys crossfit, basketball, golf and tennis!


Jeremiah Williams

Allen, TX

Jeremiah Williams is a High school Physical Education Teacher and coaches football and basketball at Wylie East High School in Texas. This is Jeremiah’s fifth year in the education profession, with one year of collegiate coaching experience. Jeremiah has multiple rings from his athletic playing career, and has recently added a ring to give to his fiance Sierra in May of 2019. Jeremiah is a faith, family, and football type of coach, and loves to influence others to be a champion in life and wants nothing else but to build great relationships and confidence in others to be successful at life.


Josh Grega

Deleware County, OH

Josh is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he majored in Accounting. He now works with an accounting firm in Columbus, GBQ, where he provides a multitude of services to clients, such as State and Local Tax, Federal Tax and Assurance Services. Josh is preparing to take the 4 parts of the CPA exam after he finishes graduate school at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. When he is not working Josh loves to read, workout and hang out his fiancé, Ellie


Luke Grossnickle

Charlotte, NC

Luke Grossnickle is a Financial analyst at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. He develops forecast models for future international events by analyzing past financial statements. Luke is a recent college graduate from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville where he doubled majored in Finance and Economics. His hard work and dedication resulted in graduating magna cum laude. He has a deep passion to help and serve others both financially and spiritually.


Zac Howard

Jacksonville, FL

Zac Howard is a writer who works remotely for Long Island University, where he handles the majority of all external marketing communications. He also does some freelance work in his off hours. Zac grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and fulfilled his dreams of attending Florida State and then living in New York City. Having waited tables for 14 months before landing his first full time job, he knows what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, which fuels his passion for providing guys with a reasonable, responsible path to buying an engagement ring. With a reputation for lame jokes and poignant sports metaphors, Zac is a straight shooter who will make everyone realize that anyone can get married if they have the right mindset.


Andrew Martinez

Augusta, GA

Andrew Martinez is on Staff with Campus Outreach Augusta. He works in the Resource Office where he helps with the on boarding of new staff.


Isaac Kain

Campbell, Kenton, and Boone County

saac Kain is works for Campus Outreach as the Campus Director at the University of Cincinnati. He is married to his wife Faith and they have a little girl named Ingrid Rose. Isaac has worked with college students for five years...


Jon Smetana

Raliegh, NC

Jon Smetana works for a small start up in Raleigh called Capstone Event Group, which owns and operates a portfolio of running events across North America. Specifically, he manages the Sponsorship accounts across the series. He loves building new relationships with companies and works hard to ensure that each partnership is an overwhelming success. Jon is a graduate from NC State University and has been a lifelong fan of the Wolfpack. He has endured many challenging years rooting for athletic success for all of his beloved teams, and has only refined character to show for it. Throughout it all, he remains optimistic that he will see a championship within his lifetime. He was heavily involved with a ministry in college called Campus Outreach, where he matured spiritually in a significant way, and also met his wife, Mel. He loves to watch sports, exercise, do house projects with his wife, watch movies, and eat large amounts of food. He has a passion for the pursuit of excellence in all areas and would love to apply that in service to you. Please reach out to Jon at


Kevin Wilkie

Birmingham, AL

Kevin Wilkie is the Operations Director at CO Birmingham, where he handles the day to day operations, logistics, and administrative needs of the ministry as a whole and for the 60+ staff in his region as well as plans and executes major events such as CO's annual New Years Conference...


Ryan Rose

Chattanooga, TN

Ryan Rose is in the process of joining staff with Bridges International, a branch of the Cru ministry. Ryan graduated from the university of Tennessee with a degree in Religious and Philosophical Studies. After graduating, Ryan spent 2 years serving with Cru in Central Asia. Ryan currently lives in southern middle Tennessee and will be marrying his fiancé, Mary later this year.

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